I guess the concept of Photo-pherapy has been with me for a long time. But it took some soul searching to bring it to life as a photography theme, photography as a tool to serve another purpose.
How often do you have moments when you lose a site of who you are? When you stop to appreciate your essence, your wonderful self, your soul vessel, your body? We sure do have a lot of pressure in a form of everyday media, showing us how we should look like, making us feel incomplete.
So I would like to take a step back and reflect. You are you. Perfect and complete as you are. There is no other person on Earth just like you. You are enough. You are beautiful.
Photo-pherapy is different kind of photo-session, where I would like to bring you a joy at looking at yourself, enjoying yourself and bringing back your confidence.
During the session I am using my yoga teacher experience to help you relax, to come to your natural state, where you are the most beautiful.

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